Big feet foot fetish

big feet foot fetish
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Woman A: Men's feet can be very soft and smooth-looking; they're big and the shape is nice. I watched the women in the salon massage and caress the guys' feet, and liked seeing how nice they looked after they put on their sandals. Man C: I don't have a problem with confidence about this fetish, so I just mention it at some early point in the relationship. Woman A: I love it when my boyfriend touches and caresses my feet after a long day at work. The extra surface area on the bottom of the foot seems to allow for even longer contact and sensation with the penis. The way it is portrayed in shows and movies is not how a normal person with a foot fetish acts. I still like the rest of the female body, but when a girl has nice feet it is a big turn on.

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Kamila. Age: 22.
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Man C: The best reaction was when she ended up being the one asking me to worship her feet after I introduced her to my fetish.

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Madilyn. Age: 21.
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4 People on When They Realized They Had Foot Fetishes

The worst is someone recoiling their feet away as I offer a foot rub. I rarely ever go barefoot, I'm always in shoes and socks. If your partner takes good care of their feet, give a compliment and caress them. Woman A: Yes, to my boyfriend. I am not a fan of toes that are too short. Man C: As I mentioned before, feet tend to be very soft, so that feels nice. White, light blue, French—anything along those lines.

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