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One of the most amazing feelings when writing is to make up people, and to have real people invest in your inventions. I have to believe that anybody calling for a boycott of The Red Scrolls of Magic is in a small hateful minority who has lost sight of how their actions would be perceived by the world, and the effect their actions would have on the world. Best fanbase on the internet bc we have Isaiah Mustafa shipping our ship, do you? This season was very crucial to their relationship. Give us more interreligious couples. We can hang onto those numbers.

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Rosalie. Age: 29.
tumblr interracial gay

Fans are fans, whatever they like.

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Ryan. Age: 30.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When EET came out we all sat around wringing our hands and hoping it would at least sell half as much as the others: it sold just as well, and we were thrilled. How much it had changed and how much it stayed just the same. I was paid less than what I was paid for my adult Sword Catcher series which features a world and characters no one has any familiarity with at all — a completely unknown brand. We can hang onto those numbers. I was paid a third of what I was paid for the Dark Artifices to write them though they are the same number of books.

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