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Occupational Licensing Undercover Cops Hired Handymen, Then Arrested Them All for Not Having Licenses Undercover sheriff's deputies posing as homeowners hired handymen to paint, install recessed lighting, or do other tasks that require licenses. But there's also something reassuring about our collective failure to be so scandalized here. It would be weaponized against the president, and dominate cable news. Perhaps Americans have exactly the right level of not giving a damn about this. Continue This modal will close in Sign up to get the biggest stories from Reason in your inbox every afternoon.

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stormy daniels titfuck

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Stormy Daniels – Tittyfuck

In a not-long-ago era, this story would have some striking potential and some sticking power. The university's litmus test is a lawsuit waiting to happen. The PRO Act would implement a veritable grab bag of policies that labor unions have been pushing Congress to pass for years. Bombshell allegations and and behavior that breaks all bounds of traditional presidential comportment are kind of Trump's thing. The idea that the Daniels story could fail to faze us can certainly be read as an indictment of Trump and his associates, even if one isn't specifically concerned about the sex or the settlement.

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