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Or at least what little personality they have. Then interacting with them at all becomes utterly irrelevant besides initiating the puzzle game. Especially since you can be there for five to ten minutes at a time, depending on your luck and skill level trying to get enough combos. Who is, for some reason that is never explained apparently good friends with the introverted nerd, despite the only time you see them together being a bitchfight between the two. You will never learn anything meaningful about them and you will care about them only in so far as their shallow character trait fits your specific fetish and makes you warm in your private spots. Your relationship advances solely through completion of the puzzle game aspects.

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Adilynn. Age: 29.
huniepop sexy pics

In those series the dating sim aspects are an important part of gameplay.

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Alayah. Age: 30.
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Let’s Review Huniepop

It takes some getting used to because you kind of have to train your brain to see the patterns and react quickly, but until that happens this sections WILL piss you off. So props to the designers and I hope that they do a sequel that delivers on their promises next time. I never actually liked Bejeweled itself but I did very much like playing the puzzle game in Huniepop. They also added in some nice variations to the normal bejeweled gameplay in order to make the system their own. It was very obvious that the team put a lot of work into making the whole thing shine and sparkle.

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