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Though often thought to be vestigial, they never really functioned in the first place though men can lactate. And yet, within that moment, something catches my eye. We continue to our separate destinations, our proud chest pokers leading the way. He need not worry what they inspire in others. When I was in college in my 20s in the brutally hot sticky South, sitting in freezing rooms on campus was miserable enough.

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They were permanently hard at all times inside — through T-shirts, sweaters, wool blankets, a Hazmat suit.

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The question of her nipples standing at attention had never occurred to her, nor had anyone pointed it out thus far in her young life. And then the moment is gone. A few weeks later, her advisor a woman called her to speak about her performance. What does his future hold for him? He need not worry what they inspire in others. We met in the hall; it is but the briefest of chance encounters.

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