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The refuelling sites are closer together than the theoretical maximum travel distance calculated from the mean body mass, and provide evidence of a migration strategy using favoured intermediate sites. Its sensitivity to changing climate as well as to water table levels and the speed of vegetation growth has led to suggestions that its range is affected by global warming, and the ruff might act as an indicator species for monitoring climate change. Nesting is solitary, although several females may lay in the general vicinity of a lek. RuffStuff Specialties Numbers in Asia do not appear to be declining, and more ruffs are wintering in Africa. Hannibal Ruff Stuff wallet-prd-offline.

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hannibal ruff stuff

Cassell's Latin Dictionary 5th ed.

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In captivity, the main causes of chick mortality were stress-related sudden death and. Females also develop a mix of winter and striped feathers before reaching their summer appearance. Hannibal Ruff Stuff wallet-prd-offline. The current name was first recorded in , and is derived from the , an exaggerated collar fashionable from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid-seventeenth century, since the male bird's neck ornamental feathers resemble the neck-wear. On migration and during the winter, the ruff eats insects including , water-beetles, and grasshoppers , crustaceans, spiders, molluscs, worms, frogs, small fish, and also the seeds of rice and other cereals, sedges, grasses and aquatic plants. This is thought to be because the godwit cannot use refuelling areas to feed on its trans-Pacific flight, whereas the ruff is able to make regular stops and take in food during overland migration. Outside the breeding season, the typical male's head and neck decorations and the bare facial skin are lost and the legs and bill become duller.

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