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Having to feel this way is outrageous and unfair, although it is my reality. Before going to the meeting, a colleague told Miranda that there was a rumor her naked photo had been obtained by a teenage student. Miranda was certain it wasn't hers because she had never sent anything like that to a student. None of the male teachers or school officials who walked around shirtless in the school gym or swimming pool were reprimanded or fired for being topless, he added. The officials confronted Miranda about the selfie and accused her of disseminating the photo to students.

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Ray filed a notice of claim to the school district last week, which is usually done before filing a lawsuit against a government entity, giving them a chance to respond.

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Miranda's attorney, Ray, provided her selfie to BuzzFeed News and other outlets, saying that she was "not ashamed of it. Miranda said that instead of thoroughly investigating how her selfie was obtained by a student, the school district discriminated against her because she was a woman and she had breasts. They make us out to be sexual deviants, instead of seeing us as appreciating the beauty of ourselves," Miranda said. She said that she had made the choice to stand up for what was right and that she shared a "personal image of my body to show how I have been stigmatized as a woman. The superintendent told her that she was no longer a "role model" for the students she was teaching because her breasts were seen in the selfie, Ray told BuzzFeed News. I am proud of it, but I will admit, I do feel all the more vulnerable.

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