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Some in Jersey City recalled Mr. The crime would be a class D felony with a maximum prison sentence of seven years, a far more serious crime than simple sexual assault, a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, she said. He had not mentioned the parade until a friend spotted his photo in the paper yesterday, she said. The detectives questioned nearly police supervisors and prepared to begin questioning officers today. The Police Department, buoyed by its sudden success in making arrests, yesterday released photographs of 13 more suspects taken from videotapes of the melee, and said that as many as 20 people were still being sought in attacks on as many as 37 women. They were not immediately identified.

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In addition to the complaints of assault and sexual abuse, nine women said that they had been robbed, officials said.

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They were not immediately identified. Although some of the officers who were allowed to go home had been patrolling Central Park South, officials have said that none were assigned to cover the section of the park where the majority of the attacks occurred. The mayor said he had talked to six victims of the assaults. Steven Burt, 31, of Jersey City, surrendered to the authorities there. Some in Jersey City recalled Mr. In addition to yesterday's six arrests, two people were arrested immediately after the incident. And a fourth, a father of two boys from Jersey City, was described by friends as a good parent.

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