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black cat spiderman cartoon
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She was torn when he first disappeared and greatly missed him when he mutated further and left. Felicia could be assertive and displayed this trait well when attracted to someone. While traveling with her mother, they were attacked by Green Goblin. While Peter came on to her, Flash intervened by calling her his girl, though Felicia quickly removed his hands questioning what gave him that idea. Eventually she got them from Kingpin. As Peter returned, she addressed him as a coward for abandoning her and not being there for her as opposed to Spider-Man who she credited with saving her.

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Avery. Age: 22.
black cat spiderman cartoon

After Morbious revealed his motivations as being fueled in the poverty he had seen throughout his home country, Felicia sympathized with him and was scared by one of his bats, causing her to seek his comfort with a hug.

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Hazel. Age: 30.
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Spider Man Ps4 Fanfiction

A consistency in her traits was not allowing herself to be tied down and quickly rotating between relationships. Felicia complimented Peter before becoming acquainted with his aunt, who she asked if she could borrow her nephew. She lamented that he was not half the man Spider-Man was as she walked off. When that scheduled timed came and Peter failed to make an appearance, Felicia called his home and spoke to May Parker, asking about his whereabouts and leaving her with the request to have him contact her when he returned home. Due to this, she stressed over the arrangements, annoying him to an extent due to the prices of the festivity. Black Cat was not part of the Secret Wars.

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