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Trent is having doubts about jumping, but DJ gives him a reassuring pat on the back that accidentally pushes him out of the plane. Harold prepares to slap a choking Owen on the back. Yet, Heather somehow already knows this is her reason for doing so. Duncan doesn't want to cross the finish line and hand victory to the Gophers, so he deliberately crashes, sending himself flying into a tree. Harold calling himself "Dirty Harold" is a reference to the movie, Dirty Harry.

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Finally, they agree to bet two nights' dessert on who the poem was written for.

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Total Drama Island

Gwen and Bridgette are surprised Harold wrote the poem. When Harold exits the confessional during Bridgette and Gwen's talk, the camera on the confessional door is absent. Back on the ground, the Gophers are having a tough time moving the sofa bed. The Very Last Episode, Really! There are several goofs during the Seadoo Water Skiing Challenge: The area of the challenge is shown to be small and open.

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